hero_bpswu2009_530x160Day 1

The conference was held at CP3, Sunway Pyramid Convention Center. A lot of infos there, but what I can say is there are more about how the IBM product helps the businesses/companies to get a good growth in this year of unstable economy. The presenter was very good, furthermore they were not just talk about how good the IBM is, but what should the companies do in this suffer period, not just to gain more income, but also not to lose potential customer in the future.

The topics more about how IBM’s product support the financial implementation of a company, how the companies can reduce the cost of implementing the hardware. Resource efficiency in a company is the highest concern, expecially when the are using hardware such as server etc. In a normal implementation, when you buy a hardware cost 1000 dollars, we have to add up up to 50% – 500 dollarsfor the maintenance cost and the others for other costs which it contains several things and it can grow based on the usage of the hardware. So, IBM encourage the companies to go deeply in the virtualization concept, which it helps reducing the maintenance cost (that definitely will be increased year by year). All the topics covers not just based on Malaysia, but it includes the ASEAN market of IBM.

The 2nd presenter presenting about the software. Before this, IBM was known as a company that support more on the system and hardware provider. But now, they have a new business model which they provide a very efficient end-to-end software development cycle management started from Rational – WebSphere – LotusNotes – IM – Tivoli. As a developer, do we think it is enough for a development of a software? Think it wisely and google it if you wanna know better of that bolded IBM’s product.

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Last but not least, the Feng Shui master (i cant remember his name) described about how 2009 helps the businesses to grow by following some indicators and guideline. But, for us as Muslims, we have our suggestions and idea for that.