ARIES Malaysia

ARIES MALAYSIA Business IT Case Challenge 2009 is the inaugural national level undergraduate Business IT case competition hosted by Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) from 2-5 December 2009. Seeking to nurture young global IT leaders in contributing solutions to global issues, ARIES MALAYSIA is open to universities’ teams of 3 undergraduate students. The problem-solving cases involved in this competition will focus on innovative applications of information technology in firms from any business sector. Envisioning information technology as a business enabler, ARIES MALAYSIA focuses on these areas:

  • Is the current IT infrastructure able to meet the growing demands of the organization?
  • To what extent should IT assets be centrally controlled?
  • How can IT best add value to a company’s internal and external clients?

Participants will be required to analyze a multi-disciplinary case and present their proposed solutions to a panel of distinguished guests and experienced professionals from the corporate world.

The abilities developed during this competition will facilitate the communication and technopreneurship skills of the participating students, as well as their creativity and resourcefulness in business problem-solving and market research. It is highly hoped that the students’ will be able to apply the technical knowledge and business ideas which they have been exposed, to different settings either locally or internationally.


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