You’re free to download the notes from my page.

My Subjects (SE Semester 7)

1. Formal Method -for chapter 1& 2 [download here]

2. Software Requirement Engineering – download here

3. Project Management with Pn Aedah [notes-download here] & [WBS/tutorial-download here]

3.1 Project Management with Pn Inurina (no update)  [notes-download here]

3.2 Project Management [docs template from Schewelbe] – [download here]

4. 3 essential documents for FYP – [download here]

My Subjects (SE Semester 8 )

1. Distributed System – Java E-Book (Daniel Liang 6th Edition) – [download here]

2. IT Revolution – 1st chapter – [download here]

Academic Research, Innnovation And Enrichment Society (ARIES)

1. Job Description for Directors [download here]

2. Organizing Committee for ARIES MALAYSIA BUSINESS IT CASE CHALLENGE 2009[download here]

3. Example of Handbook from SMU – previous competition


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